There’s a Little Bit of Kansas Everywhere

Weeks 2 and 3 have gone by in a happy and exhilarating blur.  Rory and I have found so many wonderful new spots and activities in the city and the surrounding suburbs that we can barely remember everything we did at the end of each day.

I have loved getting to walk through the arcades and I’m starting to get my bearings when it comes to where everything is in the city.  I have met so many new American expats for coffee and have really enjoyed getting to know them while showing them how the CBD grid works.  It feels so good to be able to help people out and gain a new friend in the process!  I recently discovered that a girl I went to high school with, Natalie, just moved to Melbourne from Adelaide with her Aussie boyfriend.  We met up for coffee, reminisced about our days at Olathe East, and walked through the malls together.  It was so good to find a friend from home and help her see what Melbourne has to offer.  I am also part of a Facebook group called Americans in Melbourne and commented on a random thread just to give my two cents on something.  At least 3 people responded by saying they were from Kansas as well – and now I have a whole new KC family right here in Melbourne!  The world is seriously so small it hurts.

Rory has found quite a few British ‘mates’ at the pub he’s working at.  He finds it entertaining to spend all of his time between the British at the pub and the Irish with our friends.  He’s also found some leads on volunteering, which means he will be able to get some experience in the field of his degree!  Lucky again.

This weekend I watched a movie at a friend’s apartment, went to the Royal Botanical Gardens and Shrine of Remembrance with a friend on Saturday, and then went to High Tea and a free Aussie Rules Football game at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds with Rory on Sunday.  We are starting to jam pack our weekends with free events because we don’t want to miss a thing while we live in such a vibrant and exciting city.  I don’t think a year is even enough to be able to experience all that Melbourne has to offer!

I also joined a choir here – big surprise, I know.  It’s a community choir made up of refugees, families, and random friends.  They welcomed me in with open arms and are touring the Philippines in January – should I go??

These two weeks are the school holidays before I start work, so I have been tutoring a Chinese student in English academic writing, studying up my future curriculum, reading, and working casually for an English language center through Tradewind.  It has been relaxing to get a good sleep in every morning and mosey my way over to the library each day.  The holiday also gives me the chance to meet up with more new friends and really develop some solid friendships.  Rory and I seriously feel like such locals showing all these new people around and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier in my life.  It’s so great to live in such a magnificent city!

I am hands down the luckiest girl in the world and wish I could show you all just how much this city means to me.   My life here is nothing short of a miracle and new opportunities just keep being thrown my way.  I love you all so much – now come visit!!




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