2 Days in Prague

After 8 hours in dark and dreary Berlin, Caroline and I were pretty down on Europe.  We didn’t really love the somber feeling of that city and needed something to cheer us up.  Luckily, that something ended up being the cute little city of Prague!


The city of Prague’s main tourist sites are all situated within walking distance of each other, so it was very easy for two college girls to navigate their way around.  It also helped that there were at least 1,000 other college kids there to help us find our next spot!


The first thing we did was look around the Prague Castle.  It was very pretty, but it looked quite a bit like Copenhagen’s castle and we whisked through it to make sure we had enough time to get to the other stops.  We were also able to see the Wallenstein Garden, where we saw the famous peacocks walking around.  There was also a nice koi pond and some pretty statues that made us feel like we had stepped back in time.  On the way back, we ate the famous Prague chimney cake pastries and picked up some art to keep for our dorm walls in Scotland.



We also visited the Old Town Square, where we went up the Old Town Hall Tower to look over the city. We were also able to see the famous astronomical clock and check out some traditional dancing in the square. We ended up taking another Red Umbrella tour from the square and made a friend named Nick, who spent the remainder of the day with us!


Then we took pictures at the famous Charles Bridge, where there are life sized statues lining the entire walk.  It was gorgeous and took my breath away!  It was amazing to see most of the city from the bridge and we absolutely loved the street performers as well.


Then we went to the Mala Strena area where we saw the John Lennon Wall and wrote our names on it with Sharpies.  We ended up passing our sharpies on to some other students so they could mark their names on the wall as well.


After the wall, we went to dinner with Nick and tried some escargot.  Then we went hiking up to the Petrin, which is basically a tiny Eiffel Tower. It was a terrible hike that I nearly died from, but we had the best view of the city from the top!


Luckily our Airbnb was in the Old Town Center, so we were able to walk around at night and feel safe while walking home.  We also watched the weirdest play that was like a version of Alice in Wonderland in the dark and on steroids… To this day I still have no clue what it was that we actually watched!  All in all, we really loved Prague and its small city charm.  It was a great city to be able to experience in just 2 days and I wish I could go back!

Kelsey xx


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