Copenhagen On A Budget

When I was studying abroad in Scotland, I was determined to hit some of the European cities I had always dreamed of seeing.  However, I was on a strict student budget as well as a tight schedule because I had classes at the University of Stirling Mondays through Wednesdays.  So I somehow convinced my friend Caroline to head on a huge European tour that encompassed 4 of the major cities I wanted to see – Copenhagen, Berlin, Prague, and Munich.  We had quite a few misadventures, but I’ll save those for another post….


We were able to find cheap flights on Kayak to Denmark, but had to stop in Norway for 8 hours.  We thought we could potentially see some of Oslo at night, but the buses and trams were all closed by the time we got there.  So we ended up awkwardly sleeping on restaurants chairs to pass the time. That was absolutely horrible!


We arrived in Copenhagen around 8:15 AM, so we were able to catch a train to the center of the city. Because of our budget and tight schedule, we only brought our school backpacks – which we would later find out was not nearly enough clothing for the trip.  But it was perfect in Copenhagen.  We found traditional Danish pastries at one of the cozy cafes, changed our clothes, and rented bikes to get around the city.  Overall, that took about an hour.


Once we had our bikes and tidied ourselves up, we headed over to the Rosenberg Castle.  This is Denmark’s oldest castle and looks a bit like a gingerbread house on the outside, but was filled with exquisite treasures on the inside.  We were in awe of how beautiful the artwork and furniture was, but nothing could beat their amazing gardens on the outskirts of the palace!


After that, we headed towards the downtown area and stopped to get some traditional hot dogs and coke. While eating that, we were able to see the famous ‘Little Mermaid” statue, which was absolutely breathtaking and not at all like Disney’s Little Mermaid!


We then biked to Newhaven, which is the downtown area that is filled with colorful buildings in hues of reds, yellows, and blues.  It was so perfect that it looked photo shopped!  We walked around the downtown area for a bit and then caught a boat tour that took us around the canals of the city.  We were able to see the opera house and various other monuments that we didn’t even know existed and it was a great way to tour the rest of the city.


As it was getting darker, we headed to the Tivoli Gardens, which is Denmark’s famous amusement park. It looked exactly like It’s a Small World at Disneyworld and was very fun to walk around.


After that, we headed to a café, where we ate some pastries and changed into comfier clothes.  Then we headed to the main bus terminal where we caught a really cheap overnight Eurobus to Berlin.


Overall, Copenhagen really became one of my favorite European cities because the cleanliness of the streets, brightness of the buildings, and friendliness of the locals. I recommend to anyone and everyone that asks where to go in Europe, because I think it is a must see and such a gem!


Kelsey xx




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