Sweating in Split

Right after we started officially dating at camp, we decided to take a weekend trip to Split as a couple. It was our first time to truly be alone together without kids, fellow counselors, or tourists on the resort, so it’s safe to say we were psyched to head out on our own.


There are buses that basically stop right outside the camp and will take you all across Croatia. All you have to do is book the bus in advance online and cross your fingers that it shows up at the station. Our bus was nowhere in sight at its designated time, but Rory calmed me down and we ended up hopping on it around 15 minutes later.  We were so excited that we had actually managed to catch the bus and were well on our way to Croatia’s favorite city.


The bus literally stopped in around 15 different towns before getting to Split, but we didn’t mind. It was nice to just be alone together to get to know each other better and gush about how beautiful the scenery of Croatia was.


We ended up getting there pretty late and had to walk around 15 minutes to our  Airbnb. For a little while we couldn’t find it and just traipsed up and down the pathways while calling our host, but she eventually came out and found us.  We were pleasantly surprised to have the entire apartment to ourselves with a nice balcony overlooking the city.  And in typical Rory and Kelsey fashion, we went out and grabbed pizza and Cokes, watched Blue Planet all cuddled up together,  and went straight to bed.


The next morning, we slept in, took nice, long showers, and slowly got dressed.  It was nice not to have to worry about waking up a cabin full of children or get ready for our 6 activities for the day.  Our apartment ended up being around 10 minutes away from Split’s ancient city center, which was really nice.


So the center of Split’s city is called the Palace of Diocletian.  It’s literally this ancient Roman castle that is still entirely intact. All of the shops are located inside this ancient city and people still live there like it’s no big deal that their apartments are thousands of years old!  It’s seriously epic and one of the coolest places I’ve ever seen.  It’s also where they filmed Game of Thrones, which made Rory basically die of happiness.  He’s such a GOT addict, it’s unreal.


We ended up just slowly walking all around the grounds of the city, finding an underground marketplace, a Zara (Who’s surprised), and some delicious crepes that were potentially made in heaven.  After eating, Rory started looking a little pale and asking if we could sit down.  We got some Cokes and sat near a fan, but he seemed to be getting really sick and could barely even keep his head up… We weren’t sure what was wrong, but we knew it was probably time to head back to camp.


We hopped back on the bus, slept the whole way there, and then checked Rory in with the nurses.  He had gotten a heat stroke and ended up having to spend the day in the keep well cabin!  The poor guy looked miserable, but we both agreed that Split had been well worth the heat.


All in all, we really loved Split and it was where we really cemented our newfound relationship.  It’s so cool to look back and know that our love started to grow in Split, Croatia, thousands of miles away from each of our homes.


Kelsey xx


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