The Mozambique Journals

I traveled to South Africa, Swaziland, and Mozambique with Bold Earth Teen Adventures in 2013.  I became really close with the group I travelled with and wanted to give you all a glimpse into the blog we created while we were there.  Each member of the group wrote one of the blog posts and we posted every single day of our trip.  This is the Mozambique portion, which was the third part of our trip.  The South Africa and Swaziland portions will be listed in their own journals.  I hope you enjoy!



Paradise at Tofo Beach, Mozambique

Date: Jul 12

We began our day today at a crazy time of 9 o’clock which for us is super late. Brandan and the cook crew made us all a special breakfast of tod-in-the-hole to give us energy for this beautiful day. In the morning there were some rain showers so unfortunately my group could not go snorkeling. However, the other two groups got the opportunity to hit the ATVs and do some surfing as well. Within in hour or so the weather cleared up and out came mr. sun. My group and I got to hang out on the beach for awhile and enjoy the warm Indian Ocean. Once we had enough sun we took a stroll over to the market to get ourselves some local goodies. Despite the huge packs of men bombarding us to buy their things and not leaving until they get your money, the market was quite an awesome experience. We came back to the hostel to find lunch waiting for us and everyone coming back from their various adventures. Everyone hit some pretty gnarly waves even if they did swallow gallons of water along the way. The ATV riding sounds like people had a blast except for the dirt flying in people’s eyeballs. My afternoon consisted of nothing more then relaxing on the beach, reading, and taking in the perfect view. We took a dip in the Indian Ocean and got to ride some of the biggest waves I have ever seen and even rode them into shore. Once we had enough of the ocean we found a spot on a cliff to watch the sunset. The temperature was just right and the sunset was as perfect as it gets. Though my group didn’t get the opportunity to snorkel this definitely made up for it. After the sun had disappeared we made our way back to the hostel where we could all be together again. Some of us played cards, others took a little nap and those with musical talent sang while Joel played the guitar. Another great day in Africa! Maggie Martoglio



Last Day in Mozambique!

Date: Jul 14

Hey everybody! Our morning started nice and early with coffee, tea, hot-chocolate and rusks. After we finally rolled out of bed and packed our bright orange truck, our journey began to Casa Lisa. Our eight hours of traveling consisted of singing, childhood games and life talks. Luckily, we were able to have two bathroom stops, with toilets! During our second stop, we bought some bananas from a Mozambican woman and some refreshing drinks. When we arrived to Casa Lisa, on time for once, everyone unloaded our personals and set up camp. There was huge excitement for the pool until we found out how cold it was, but we still managed to have a pool party. While the pool party was going on, a couple of us, including me, had some intense yet friendly conversations about politics, religion, world history, and music. Our daylight is now ending and we are about to have some yummy food in a hut at the campsite restaurant. I can say that we are all sad to leave Mozambique, tomorrow morning, but we can’t wait to continue on our trip through South Africa. Every day is fun and memorable with our close-knit group, but to say it simply, we are having a blast. Keep Smiling,




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