The Best Brunch Spots in Melbourne

Melbourne is internationally acclaimed for having the best brunch spots in the entire world.  I am here to tell you that this fact is SO DANG TRUE and I can’t begin to express my newfound love for avo toast and a good set of pancakes.  With the help of my old brunch club and various friends, I have been able to try out a variety of brunches tucked away in the best suburbs Melbs has to offer. So here is a list of my personal favorites in the city that stole my heart.



 Faraday’s Cage – Fitzroy

This charming café in the heart of Fitzroy serves Brunch and casual lunch with bread from their own bakery. It is very warehouse meets hipster central with lots of natural light and seating.  They serve a fabulous variety of eggs and avocado on toast, croque monsieur, and ricotta pancakes.  Their coffee is also to die for!  This was our first outing for brunch club and hit the spot.



Higher Ground – CBD

Located just across the street from Southern Cross Station, Higher Ground is a refurbished power station that holds two floors of Scandinavian designed tables with a plethora of fancy plants and coffee.  This spot has been listed on almost every best of Melbourne list ever, so there is always a queue.  Luckily, they have a wonderful outdoor seating area with a Square One coffee station to ease the boredom.  This place has quite the eclectic menu, showcasing all kinds of dishes from roast pumpkin to whipped buffalo yoghurt.  Every single thing on the menu looks delicious and it is definitely one of Melbourne’s best and brightest!



Hannah – St. Kilda

This is a pretty new spot located in a sleepy corner of St. Kilda.  It has fantastic white paper lanterns that act as lovely decorations during the day and warm light during the night.  Dark timber wood, chalkboard walls, and green plants all create a cozy atmosphere to spend the morning with your American girls.  I had brioche French toast with butterscotch and chocolate sauce, pineapples, and vanilla bean ice cream.  It looked mouthwatering and seriously didn’t disappoint!  Their avo toast with poached eggs is also fabulous to pair with a mocha or latte.



Operator 25 – CBD

I literally think about this brunch spot every single day of my life.  Located in an old telephone exchange building, Operator 25 ‘connects’ you to the best brunch in the CBD.  With subway tiled walls and a beautiful wood bar, this place is an industrial style dream.  But the absolute best part of this place is their brunch artistry.  Every single dish is a total masterpiece, from the drizzled sauces to the carefully placed berries.  I had an Ube waffle, which is a purple sweet potato waffle with white chocolate sauce (dyed a bright purple), poached peaches, jackfruits, berries, coconut shavings, and black sesame ice cream.  To say it was life changing is an understatement.  I shared it with my friend Emily, who ordered the Kaya french toast, which has a coconut spread, strawberry ice cream, pistachio crumbs, bananas, and peanut butter caramel sauce.  I will hold this place near and dear to my heart for the rest of my life!!



Three Bags Full – Abbotsford 

My friends Emily and Brendan literally just took me here and I’m so glad they showed me their corner of Abbotsford.  Three Bags Full is a very big restaurant which lots of open plan seating and wonderful flat whites.  It also boasts of an art gallery and handmade sodas, which is pretty fancy.  They have great vegan and celiac options, which Em and Bred absolutely love!  I got a really good avo toast with poached eggs, which tasted delicious with some sea salt.  Emily got oat and triticale porridge with soymilk strawberry and mint compote, crystalized white chocolate, freeze dried pineapples, and berries.  It was a piece of art, to say the least!  It was a very cute spot and a great place to spend a rainy day.


So these are my favorites, but I definitely have a lot of brunch spots left to try.  If you have any spots that you absolutely adore, send them my way!!


Kelsey xx


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