6 Lessons for 6 Months Abroad

It’s now been officially 6 months since I moved across the world to start a life I had always dreamed about. While it’s been a feat to successfully move to a different country, it’s also been a total adventure that’s given me memories I’ll never forget. I thought I’d try to sort through all of the changes I have felt in myself and really define the lessons I have discovered while living in Australia.

If you can dream it, you can DEFINITELY do it.

I had always dreamed about living in a different country, but I never thought I would have the guts to do it, the money for the visa, the skills for a job, or the strength to dwindle down my wardrobe size to two suitcases. But alas, here I am, and it has been really eye opening and surprising that I have been able to actually experience such joy and success in my career while living abroad.

I was also told by MANY people that there was absolutely no way I could ever obtain a tier 2 UK visa because my job wasn’t on the shortage list, Brexit was fast approaching, and the UK doesn’t particularly cater to Americans. But I knew that was where I wanted to live permanently, so I explored LITERALLY every avenue (even looked into moving to Ireland) and eventually found an agency and a school that was a perfect fit for me. You just have to have faith in yourself, push past all the negativity, and reach for what you want with all that you have. I’m the end, if you have a dream, PLEASE don’t let someone talk you out of it. Go for it- you’ll be so surprised to find how much you can do on your own with some determination and solid effort!

Don’t settle for less than what you deserve.

I’m usually Switzerland and don’t really speak up or voice my opinions because I’m afraid of getting yelled at. But this year I have come to realize that you can’t let people step on you or tell you what you need- you must be clear, concise, and straightforward, or you will live a life of disappointment. Some people may not appreciate you speaking your mind, but it’s for your own good. Those who matter don’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter. This goes for anything – relationships, your apartment arrangements, your career, or even your clothing choices. As an adult, you now have the freedom to decide what you think, feel, do, and wear, so take it seriously!

Real adulting starts when you address the flawed parts of your character and actively work towards strengthening them.

This has been such a tough one. I started to realize that once I achieved my goals, I was frantically searching for another purpose in life. I found that in order to retain my happiness, I had to look inward and start working on strengthening my mind, my teaching skills, my weaknesses, and my values. It wasn’t until I was actively pursuing a better version of myself that I felt completely happy and ready to take on new challenges.

The grass is greener right where I am.

I have had such a hard time accepting this one. I’m a total ‘grass is greener on the other side’ girl and always feel like I need THAT piece of clothing or THAT relationship or THAT life to feel whole and happy. However, while I was letting social media control my feelings and completely warp my self confidence, I realized that I was letting my incredible life slip right through my hands. I have everything I could ever want- an incredible and fulfilling job that gives me purpose, a nice wardrobe that really shows off my personality, a nice apartment in the middle of a big city, and amazing friends who are always lifting me up and inspiring me. So why did I always want more? Recognizing this obsession with ‘more’ made me realize that I am happy in what I’ve got and the life I lead. I have more than enough in my life that brings me joy and accepting this thought helped me finally embrace my happiness and lifestyle.

Nothing is ever missing- I am a completely whole person on my own.

I never felt that I could fly over here alone, or live alone, or do things alone. It was always frowned upon in my community to look ‘lonely’ or just go off on your own adventures and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I wasn’t comfortable in my own skin. But I have learned that I must love myself before anyone else and really take this time in my life to be a bit selfish and work on myself. I have also learned that I can live alone and do things in the city on my own and I actually love it! I do not need a boy or a huge plethora of friends to complete me- I am already whole and full of life in my own way, and that makes all the difference.

Trust your gut.

I sometimes let other influence my decisions and I have finally pushed back and stopped listening in general. I can now say that whatever I feel is right deep in my bones is exactly what I need and no one else can ever know what I need or what my future will look like. I must trust my intuition and make sure that I’m following my heart instead of letting distractions or opinions get in the way. There’s no point in living a life for others – this life is mine and I am taking the reigns and never letting go.

So those are my lessons that have been interesting, exciting, and sometimes quite hard to discover about myself and the world around me. I hope you all look inside yourself and really assess what this year has helped you understand about yourself – it’s so important to always reflect, write it down, and move forward into the new year with a fresh mindset and a happy heart.

Thanks for reading!

Kelsey x


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