My 12 Hour Layover in Fiji

After having to book a one – way ticket to Dallas for my British visa appointment, I had to grab the cheapest flights back to Australia in order to keep my savings intact.  I randomly ended up booking with Fiji Airways, which involved a 12 hour layover in – you guessed it – Fiji.  I had no clue where Fiji was or what was on this random island, but I seriously fell in love and am so glad life sent me to this beautiful place!


When I got to the Fiji airport, I got a passport stamp that said I could stay for 6 months.  The airport was extremely small and had this huge open window that led to a series of pretty markets that were calling my name, so I decided to actually enjoy my layover in Fiji and attempt to book a tour.


I went up to the customer service desk and asked for a 4-hour tour.  I was quickly redirected to a travel company, who ended up booking a private tour guide and car for my Fiji day trip.  The guide came straight away, whisked my suitcase into his car, and took me right to a local food shop for a yummy breakfast sandwich.  He asked me what I wanted to do for the day, and I said that I wanted to see the best sights of Nadi, the main part of the island. So off we went with the windows rolled down, pookah shells around my neck, and the sea breeze blowing on my face. Somehow I had ended up in a tropical paradise and couldn’t believe my luck!


My guide ended up taking me to this huge food market where I was able to try some local produce.  The people were delightful and so much fun to be around!  Then we went to a Hindu temple, where I was given a sarong and allowed to walk barefoot through the temples.  It was beautiful and extremely colorful.


After that, my guide took us to the mudbaths, where I opted for a coconut oil massage.  I was led to a very peaceful room full of amazing scents and couldn’t believe how wonderful the massage was.  I kept thinking to myself, “How on earth did I end up getting a coconut oil massage in Fiji??”  My life is wild, adventurous and unpredictable and I wouldn’t change it for the world.


Our final stop was this beautiful resort where people were drinking out of coconuts and soaking up the sun.  I was able to see the best beach around and suntan for a while until it was finally time to go back to the airport.


Overall, I would highly recommend stopping over in Fiji if you get the chance!  Their airline is very nice, their customer service is quick and accommodating, and their island is one of the best places I have ever been. I am so happy to be able to say that I’ve been to such a remote and amazing country!


Kelsey xx


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