Soaking Up The Sun in Sydney

The final day of my Australian life was spent laughing, reminiscing, and sight seeing in Sydney. After flying over from New Zealand in the morning, I met up with my mates Emily and Brendan for the Coogee to Bondi Beach walk.  They are both Sydney locals and insisted that I make the trek across 7 different beaches or else I couldn’t claim that I had even been to the city.  So with lots of sweat and sand, we made our way across some of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen in my life.  We ended at the iconic Bondi Beach, which was packed with tourists, skinny dippers, and sunscreen.  That hole in the Ozone layer is REAL, y’all.  It was the perfect morning soaking up the sun with the people who had made Australia feel like home.  We grabbed some sushi, walked around a bit, and then parted ways.


I then met up with my university mate Max, who took me to see the iconic Sydney tourist spots.  I was able to see Sydney’s version of Luna Park, take the ferry to by the famous bridge through the harbour, and take about a billion pictures in front of the Sydney Opera House.  It was amazing to see the sight that I had been dying to witness in real life, especially while laughing and reminiscing about Ole Miss with such a dear friend.  We then walked around a bit more and called it a day.


Although I didn’t spend much time in Sydney, I really loved getting to see old and new friends who could show me their version of the city.  It’s definitely a completely different vibe from Melbourne, but it’s beautiful in its own way.


Kelsey xx


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